The terrace and the patio: inspiring arrangements for the outdoor space.

View the gallery of terraces and patios that will inspire you to create your own original corner outside the house.

1. In an oriental vibe


A terrace in Japanese style? Why not. The bright colors of the minimalist space have been broken with a contrasting accent of concrete slabs in a rusty color. Low seats, floor mat, green plant accent, ambient lighting, closure of the space with a high fence. All this makes the terrace a peaceful refuge, an ideal place to relax away from the hustle and bustle.

2. In harmony with greenery


The main role in this space is played by concrete and a beautiful view. The gray terrace floor with its original pattern attracts the eye, becoming the key element of the arrangement. When combined with a concrete balustrade, it harmonizes perfectly with the lush vegetation. The final effect is impressive. For lovers of minimalism and natural beauty.

3. With a fireplace in the background


The terrace is often treated as an additional room in the house, and in this case it is a natural extension of the living room. The use of large terrace doors, similar materials and colors, as well as a fireplace – an integral part of both the indoor and outdoor living room, is beneficial for the integration of the rooms. Ideal for those who like to spend evenings outdoors.

4. In large format


Diversified terrain made it possible to create a two-level garden. In the lower part there is a large terrace, which already on its own allows to separate several zones for dining, recreation or entertainment. Particularly interesting is the excellent use of the decorative potential of the concrete slabs – thanks to various patterns, different areas have been visually separated. For those who prefer unconventional solutions.

5. Original flooring


Who said that the floor must be banal? The main focal point of this terrace is nothing else but the floor. A great combination of wood and concrete, as well as an interesting shape of the slabs made it possible to break with the typical surface patterns. For those who want to stand out.

6. Perfect team: concrete and wood


Wood, concrete and green color harmonize perfectly, as demonstrated by this modern terrace and garden. The combination of simple, bold forms: water, wood and lawn surfaces harmonizes perfectly with raw concrete and unbridled greenery on the edges of the garden. In a minimalist space, the main role is played by terrace furniture that becomes the main decoration of the terrace. For the daring and enthusiasts of modern solutions.

7. Overlooking the water


The narrow space of the property has been divided into 3 zones: in the first one there is a hardened floor that is an extension of the terrace, the second one is a recreational zone defined by the lawn border and in the third one there is a deck perfectly blending in with the entire space. The balanced combination of modern materials: concrete, brick, wood and the beauty of greenery, as well as the blurred line between the terrace and the garden allowed us to create a stylish, yet cozy space. For lovers of modernity in a cozy atmosphere.

8. A colorful patio…


The uniqueness of this patio was created by the use of color. The beautifully colored plant, which performs not only a decorative, yet also a practical function (shading), has been complemented by a set of concrete furniture with a unique and imaginative shape. The desired effect has been achieved. The space has become very unique and stays in the memory for a long time. For those who like to impress.

9. …and a patio in toned colors


In this case, the patio space was matched to the interiors and became another room in the house. This has worked out perfectly thanks to the use of the same materials and forms inside and outside the buildings. Once again, the combination of concrete with wood and plants warming its image proved to be successful. For those who like impressive solutions.

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