The terrace in 5 versions: unique places to relax in the fresh air.

Check out the arrangements of unique terraces, where you will spend your time just as you like it!

1. Relaxation in peace and quiet.


Do you want to have a special terrace and enjoy relaxing outside in peace and quiet? With a book in your hand, on your own, contemplating the beauty of nature or charging your batteries in the sun? Already at the design stage you should think about a corner terrace or a terrace with a larger area. This will let you create terrace zones, so that you can place a meal table in one zone, and a deckchair, a hammock, a swing or a pot with a plant providing shade in another part of the terrace, located a bit further away or just around the corner. Each of these spaces will allow you to find a moment of rest away from other people.

2. Summer kitchen by the terrace


The spring-summer season also means frequent meetings with family and friends at the barbecue, spending time together at the table. If you like to spend time cooking delicious meals and enjoying them in the natural surroundings, it is worth thinking about a terrace which will provide you with excellent conditions for doing so. The ideal solution here will be to create the so-called summer kitchen. This place can become the summer center of family life. The equipment of the kitchen at the terrace depends on your tastes and finances. You can choose a grill, sink, tabletop, bread oven or smokehouse, coffee maker, or the necessary outdoor tableware. Having everything at hand will allow you to relax without having to run to the house to find the things you need.

3. Swimming pool get-togethers


There is nothing better than spending hot days by the water! Swimming pools are becoming more and more popular and they change the household space into a truly unique place. Most often, the swimming pool is located in the garden. If we want to achieve an unconventional design effect, let’s plan the location of the swimming pool on the terrace or in its close vicinity. Building a swimming pool there is often a difficult task, requiring many compromises, but the effect is definitely worth the effort. A terrace swimming pool will reward all our efforts on warm summer days, during meetings with friends or while bathing alone.

4. A terrace party


The terrace is a perfect place for parties with family and friends. Terrace parties (of various sorts) are easy to arrange in spaces that are smoothly connected with the living room. A terrace or patio becomes a natural extension of the living room and an additional room in the house. If you are a fan of having fun with people in a larger or smaller group and spending time with them in a unique way, consider creating this type of space already when designing your home. Such terrace can have a mini bar, sound system, TV or a corner for conversations and even a dance floor. Don’t forget the lighting that creates the ambiance. Considering the climate in our country, a fireplace on the terrace also seems to be a very good solution. It will surely add exceptional warmth to the space and we will appreciate it during the months that bring autumn chill in the evening.

5. A terrace immersed in greenery with a view…


The uniqueness of our terrace can be largely determined by the vicinity of a beautiful garden or the view that stretches from it. If we want an “open-air living room” that stands out from the rest and we are so lucky that there is an unusual view from it, let’s use it! If, however, we are not given the opportunity to admire a remarkable scenery from our terrace, then nothing is lost. Let’s try to create it! A beautiful garden, that impresses with its concept, vegetation, or in the end just a unique element (a plant that catches attention with its unusual color) has a great chance to become an advantage of our terrace or patio.

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