Allow us to present new products in BRUK’s offer!


Allow us to present

new products

in BRUK’s offer

Magnum terrace panel and openwork panel in the MINI version – these are two new product proposals that will enrich our portfolio in 2020.


The Magnum slab has enlarged dimensions (50×93 cm) and follows the trend of modern surface products in a large format version. Magnum is perfect for terraces, gardens and other places around houses, which are kept in a modern style. The product is available in 4 color versions of COLORMIXseries melanges : gothic, diamond, light and york. It was presented to the public for the first time at this year’s 4 Design Days.

The mini version of the openwork panel is the answer to the growing demand for eco surfaceproducts. The smaller, and thus slightly more subtle format of the product will allow for its use in the perimeter space where there is a need to create a biologically active surface of smaller dimensions. It will be perfect as a modern material for creating garden or house paths, shoulders around houses or other “green” eco-surfaces.

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