New in the offer of Bruk fencings: CLARO hollow blocks and flat caps


New in the offer of

Bruk fencings:

CLARO hollow blocks and flat caps

We are pleased to announce that the family of fencings in Bruk’s portfolio has been expanded with a new system. In addition to fences made using the splitting technique called Structur, our offer includes the CLARO wall/post breezeblocks and canopies with a smooth surface. 


The Claro fencing system consists of large-format hollow blocks, thanks to which the mounting of the fence is carried out at a fast pace and the fence elements are stable.  It consists of 2 blocks (80x40x17.5 cm and 80x20x17.5 cm), which can be used to build posts and walls and 2 compatible flat caps (80x40x8.5 cm and 80x20x8.5 cm). All have a smooth surface.

The Claro system gives almost unlimited possibilities in fencing design, both on smaller and larger plots. It allows to create fences with more traditional forms (low foundation, posts, spans) or less conventional ones (raised foundation or smooth wall). It is characterized by its versatility. It can be used around houses and gardens maintained in both modern and more classic styles. It is available in a mélange color scheme called gothic, which is a variation of different shades of grey. This allows the fence to match the colors of the roof, façade and the colors of the house’s surroundings, and above all, it matches perfectly with the colors of the paving stones, slabs and finishing elements in the Bruk portfolio.

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