Fence systems

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  • modern
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  • wszystkie
  • white, grey, graphite
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  • wszystkie
  • gardens
  • terraces
  • sidewalks
  • roads and parkings
  • driveways

Fence systems

The hollow wall and post blocks of the SPLIT collection are impressive concrete elements intended for the construction of fences. They owe their name to the splitting technology, used for their manufacturing. Thanks to the technology, they are characterised by irregular surface whose structure is reminiscent of natural stone.

The split face elements neatly match various designs around the building, both modern and more classical ones. Combined with other products of the SPLIT series – palisades and steps – they are a perfect material for impressive designs of gardens and green spaces around the house. The hollow block fences with split face are characterised by high durability and simple assembly, which helps save the time.

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