NEW! Hollow post/wall blocks CLARO

Claro is a solution for those looking for impressive and at the same time practical fencing concepts. Smooth surface post/wall hollow blocks are used to build fences with simple forms. They come in 2 sizes: 80x40x17.5 cm and 80x20x17.5 cm. The large format makes the assembly of the fence fast, and the elements built are stable and durable.  Claro breezeblocks are characterized by their versatility. They can be built-in around houses and gardens maintained in both modern and more classic styles. They make it possible to create traditional fences with low foundations, narrower posts with a span between them, the posts themselves or less conventional ones, in the form of fencing with a fuller structure (high foundations or uniform walls). Mélange coloring allows the breezeblocks to be matched with different colors dominating the surroundings of the house, and above all the shades of paving bricks, slabs and decorative elements in the Bruk offer.


Claro surface

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