How to design a garden to make it a comfortable place to relax?

Here are some tips to help you create a garden that will be perfect for a comfortable rest.

1. Comfort zone


No matter how large is the space of our garden, it is worth to divide it into several zones to make it a comfortable place to relax. This way we will let ourselves and other members of the household have a moment of rest in privacy. The best idea would be to use our space outside the house to create a relaxation zone, a party zone and, if necessary, a corner for the kids.

2. Smart relaxation on the terrace


The most popular relaxation zone outside the house is the terrace. Regardless of whether you have more or less space, you may try to create several separate relaxation zones on your terrace alone. All it takes is a bit of creativity and imagination. On one side – a table with a grill or kitchen, on the other – a relaxation corner with a hammock, a deckchair or terrace furniture with an umbrella. This is a suggestion for larger spaces. If you have a smaller space, it is enough to put a small table with chairs, cushions or other seats that will become an ideal place e.g. to drink coffee on one side. Nearby – behind a flowerpot, a folding screen or a large plant – you can place a chair with a lantern, a small deckchair. The whole arrangement can be complemented with accessories: plants, decorations (cushions, pergolas e.g. with curtains), the already mentioned pots or lighting. Not only will they add a suitable atmosphere for feasting or relaxation, but they can also separate individual zones from each other.

3. Garden levels


Comfort zones in the garden can be separated in several ways. It all depends on its size, shape and plants that we have or intend to plant there. We can create many different relaxation zones by taking advantage of the natural difference of levels in the garden. In the picture, a spacious, well-paved terrace with furniture and a grill is located on a lower level and is clearly separated from the green zone of the garden with lawn, plants and a swimming pool. In summer afternoons you can go there with a deckchair and a good book and hide in the shade of trees or take a cooling bath. The paved surface of the terrace is perfect for family barbecues, lunches or garden parties.

4. Garden relaxation tricks


There are two more things that can help to separate relaxation zones in the garden. The first one of them is the use of a suitable surface, as well as elements of small architecture and pots. The second one is plants. All these elements, when used in a right way – together or separately – will let us create places in the garden, that will either separate us from the world or, on the contrary, will allow us to have fun in a large group of friends and acquaintances.

It is best to plan places for solitary relaxation away from busy and crowded places. They should therefore be located where there is peace and quiet, away from children’s playgrounds or sidewalks. We can use a pergola in the middle of the garden, where we can hang a swing or a small bench that will let us enjoy the beauty of nature, or a garden deckchair where we can catch some summer sun.

The places for solitary rest can be to a larger or lesser degree separated from the eyes of others. To do this, it is useful to use plants, pots, small walls and pergolas. People who like modern and minimalist spaces can opt for separating themselves from others in a more literal way by using various types of walls and fences, e.g. made of the currently popular architectural concrete.

Regardless of whether we plan to rest in our relaxation zone alone or in company – at a barbecue, garden party, during walks or physical activity – it is worth thinking about the hardening of its surface. A well-prepared surface prevents any damage to garden furniture and protects us from insects. There is also another reason to consider it in places where we plan to meet with other people. A lawn that is often used by a large number of people will quickly be trampled-down and destroyed.


The use of various types of surface in the garden has one more advantage: it allows for a visual arrangement of the green space and for distinguishing its zones. So don’t be afraid to use gravel, stones, grass or platforms next to paving blocks or slabs. Nevertheless, remember the famous rule that “less is more”. This way we will avoid chaos which is not so desirable in places of relaxation.

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